Want a New Bathroom, But Don't Know Where to Start?

Learn the Process, Planning Skills, and Foresight 

You Need to Bring Your Dream Bathroom to Life. 


Learn the order of operations, so that you understand how all the tasks fit together, know whats next, and realize what it will take to finish.


Understand what selections and steps you will need to make regardless of whether you're hiring a contractor or doing the project yourself.


Learn to identify potential issues that lie ahead, so that you are better prepared to plan for and address them.

Many Homeowners Unknowingly Start Their Bathroom Renovation Project Off On The Wrong Foot

This is in part because they go into the situation with an unjustified sense of familiarity with the bathroom renovation process because they’ve seen so many bathroom renovations on television and heard countless renovation stories from friends and co-workers. 

And as a result, they often take the need to educate themselves for granted and assume that somehow everything will magically work out and be completed…on time, on budget, with no major mistakes and minimal stress. 

But the reality is that navigating through the complexities of a bathroom renovation can be difficult even for someone that knows the ropes.

Anyone that doesn't know the basics and doesn't take the time to learn them is essentially relying on luck and is placing themselves at the mercy of whatever may come.

Therefore you should expect surprises and you should be prepared for any of the costs that come along with them.

Through the years, I’ve worked with and consulted many homeowners as a general contractor. I’ve found that most homeowners are both excited and nervous about starting their bathroom renovation journeys.

They are often excited when they think about what lies in the near future and can envision themselves living in and enjoying the new space that is tailor-made for them. And at the same time, they are nervous about the process and what’s to comeBut they never take the time to understand the bathroom renovation process in order to prepare themselves, their property, and their plans.

Many Homeowner's Start Bathroom Renovations

Without A Clear Understanding Of What Will Take Place, In What Order It Will Happen, Or How To Prepare.

Homeowners often start out bathroom renovation projects by putting themselves behind the 8-ball. They start interviewing contractors before they're given much thought to what they want, and without being aware of what decisions they will need to make in order to make the project move forward smoothly.

As a result they end up going blindly into the bathroom renovation process because they don’t know how to best spend their time preparing their property, themselves and their family; or when they have done enough planning to begin the actual bathroom renovation.

So when they do start they pretty much "wing it" and hope for the best.

As a result, they spend a good portion of the project stressing and trying to play catchup because they are trying to quickly make important decisions, like material selections, after the project is already underway.  At that point, the schedule is constantly a factor and you end up fighting for the time to make final decisions. 

And in some cases, you may be asked to make decisions shortly before the task will be executed. This means that any changes after the fact will likely result in additional expense, because that task will have to be redone. There is also a very good chance that the time crunch will result in less material and design options for you to choose from based on availability unless you are willing to shut the job down and wait for those materials to ordered or delivered.

Many homeowners start the renovation process having done less homework than they should and then depend solely on the contractor or the internet to guide them and fill in all the blanks

In many cases the preferred contractors will also be good communicators and can provide you with some guidance. But if you don't know the basics, then you likely aren't really prepared to screen contractors for hire because you don't know the entire process, you aren't able to completely evaluate what is most important to you.

This lack of information results in you not knowing what questions to ask, or how to tell if the contractor actually knows what he/she is talking about.

And on the flip side, when you don't know enough, the contractors that you interview will be able to tell. You see, at the same time that you are interviewing them, they are also sizing you up as a customer.

Do you think that prospective contractors are more likely to charge you less or more than their normal rate if they are able to determine that you don't know very much about the bathroom renovation process?

And let me ask you another quick question:

When You Receive Your Estimates For Your Project,  Do You

Expect To See A Line Item On The Bids For: "Homeowner Education?"

When homeowners enter the contractor bid process prematurely, often their ears perk up repeatedly during the bid process, as they attempt to educate themselves by listening intently to whatever each contractor happens to say during their site visit sales pitch and then try to piece together a better understanding of what will be involved with their project.

And most never stop to consider how unreasonable it is for them to leave something this important to chance when the mistakes have the potential to be so expensive

Why would you rely so heavily on the words of competing prospective contractors, whose main reason for being there is to impress you and win the contract, not specifically to educate you on the bathroom renovation process so that you can make timely and informed decisions about your project, including selecting a contractor.

And the reality is that even though you wont find a line item expense for homeowner education, you WILL pay for it.

Here's How: You see, the less you know, the more "handholding" your project will require. Which takes time and slow things down. Without an understanding of what's to come, the less likely you are to be prepared, the less likely you are to have thoroughly prepared your home, the more likely you will be surprised by something, the more likely your job is to experience scheduling delays due to untimely design decisions and material lead time. 

All these factors contribute to the job taking longer to complete and an extended project timeline, that means more man-hours, which will ultimately cost you more money.

Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide

No matter if you are planning to hire a contractor or doing everything yourself...The Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide is an easy-to-follow video course where you will receive a concise step-by-step explanation of the entire bathroom renovation process in about 2 hours.

From understanding the sequence of renovation tasks, to selecting materials for the project, to preparing yourself, your family and your home for the renovation

This Bathroom Renovation Planning Video Course is Specifically designed to get you to take action by getting you up to speed with the information necessary for you to plan thoroughly, identify and ask important questions upfront and give you the confidence to move forward with the bathroom of your dreams.  

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up, you will immediately receive your login information and be able to access the course. The course will take you around 2 hours to complete if you watch straight through from start to finish. The course consists of 92 videos and is setup to be taken in the same order that the lessons appear in the section below.  This course is designed to help alleviate "analysis paralysis" and get you up to speed and provide you the confidence to move forward with your bathroom renovation project.

Plan Thoroughly and in Less Time

Know the decisions that you will have to make beforehand in order to plan more thoroughly and  in less time even while at your own pace.

Better Avoid Mishaps

Better prevent mishaps (such as scratched walls and floors, dust and contaminants, damaged landscape, punctured tires or feet) by properly preparing your home and your family

Prioritize and Articulate Your Plan

Prioritize the bathroom renovation process by evaluating your project and deciding what aspects are  most important to you and be able to articulate that to your contractors, designers, workers, etc.

Move Forward Confidently When Ready

Move forward with your bathroom renovation with the confidence of knowing the process and the ability to decide for yourself when you are ready to start.

Here's what people are saying about the course


I have a habit of getting into projects WAY over my head.

I  have some renovation experience, but I have a habit of getting into projects way over my head. This course put me on the right track from the start. The course clearly explains all the steps to the project, including safety precautions and tools. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!  

Debbie V  

 / Subscriber


Very detailed and concise. Huge time-saver. 

I started my bathroom project before I was ready and I didn't discover this course until after the project was already underway. I'm so glad that I did. I was able to quickly move through the entire course and get my project on track.  

Carlos J

/ Subscriber


It's a great confidence booster!

I am a beginner and I was 100% unsure of what to do, or how to do it. This course was the right pace.  I feel like I can now carry a conversation with contractors and have a good idea of what's going on. It's a great confidence booster! 

Jonathon H

/ Subscriber

Heres What's In The Course

The Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide is made up of 11 modules. Each module consists of chapters that cover various aspects of the topic in greater detail.  

Module 1: Make Your Home "Renovation-Ready"

You Have Likely Heard The Term, “The Devil Is In The Details.” 

These Words Couldn’t Be More True Than During The Steps Leading Up To The Start Of The Performance Phase Of Your Bathroom Project. 

Here, We’ll Cover Steps You Can Take To Help Ensure That Your Property Is Turned Back Over To You In The Same Condition That It Was In Prior To The Start Of The Project.

Module 2: "Demo Memo" - Demolition Process

Before We Embark On The Journey To Make Everything in the Space “Pretty & Picture Perfect,” We First Have To Remove Those Elements That We Aren’t So Crazy About.

We’ll Cover Thoughtful Ways To Achieve This While At The Same Time Being Mindful Of Safety And Minimizing The Level Of Impact On Other Aspects Of The Project And The Surrounding Areas.

This Information Is helpful For Homeowners Who Will Be Living In The Home During The Renovation Regardless Of Whether You Hire A Contractor Or Do It Yourself. 

Module 3: Preparing Yourself for the Renovation

While Preparing To Start Your Project, Its Important To Understand The Elements That You Can Control, And To Understand How To Work Around Those That You Cannot.

Module 4: Time-Saving Tips for Your In-store Trips

Time Management Is Key To Any Renovation Project.

Regardless Of Whether You’re Working With A Contractor, Tackling The Project On Your Own, Or Somewhere In Between, There Are Often Tasks That You May Realize Are Easier For You, The Owner, To Handle Yourself.

Here We Cover Ways To Save Time During The Material Selection Process, As Well As Shopping And Requesting Outside Advice On The Project.

Module 5: Selecting "All the Stuff"

Perhaps One Of The Most Time-Consuming Tasks That Any Homeowner Will Be Faced With During The Planning Phase Is Evaluating And Selecting Materials.

One Of The More Nerve-Racking Aspects Of Selecting Materials For Your Renovation Is Trying To Make Sure That You’ve Considered Everything.

Here We Address Various Aspects Of The Renovation That Contain Elements That You Should Evaluate And Consider Upgrading As Part Of The Project.

Module 6: Where to Start - Order of Operations

Okay, So Where Do We Start? Don’t Go Blindly Into Your Bathroom Renovation Process Without Having A Good Understanding of The Tasks Involved And The Sequence Of Events.

Here We Cover The Tasks Involved On A Total Renovation In Order From Start To Finish.   

Module 7: Contractor Confidential

So Many Renovation Horror Stories Involve Communication Issues With The Contractor.

Here We Cover Ways To Help Ensure Clear Communication And That You And Your Contractor And Subcontractors Are On The Same Page.

We Also Cover Some Ways To Address Common "Contractor Issues" That May Arise During The Course Of The Project.

Module 8: Project Permitting

One Of The Most Debated Questions During the Planning Phase Of Any Renovation Project Is: “Do I Need A Permit? Here We Cover The Rationale Behind The Permit, As Well As The Process For Applying For One, And Using It.

Module 9: Bathroom Budget Bailout (BBB)

Bathroom Renovation Projects Can Be Difficult To Keep Completely On Budget. If You Plan And Watch Your Budget Like A Hawk, You Can Likely Keep Things Pretty Close.

But If You Take Your Eyes Of The Wheel, The Train Can Come Completely Off The Tracks In No Time. Here We Cover Some Last-Ditch Options For Cutting Some Costs, Once The Project Is Well Underway.

Module 10: All of the Tools

Tool Show And Tell, Anyone? Here We Breakdown A Comprehensive List With Examples Of The Tools Most Commonly Used During Various Phases and Tasks on A Typical Bathroom Renovation.

Module 11: Questions to Answer Before You Begin

As You Plan Your Bathroom Renovation, One Of The Most Important Tasks Is To Evaluate Your Project And Assess What Help You Will Need And Where It Will Come From.

Here We Cover Some Questions For You To Resolve Within Your Household And During Your Contractor Review Process.  

Who teaches BRSG?

BRSG Is Led By Kendall Jenrette, A Home Improvement Educator, And General Contractor. 

His Education-Focused Home Improvement Youtube Channel, "Renos 4 Pros and Joes," Combined With His Home Improvement Blog Has Reached Over 1,0000,000 Views. 

He’s Created Educational Videos And Written Content Covering Everything From Bathroom Demolition To Small Bathroom Design, As Well As Many Videos That Offer Solutions To And Insights On a Variety Of Home Improvement Topics Including:  Lighting, Plumbing, And Carpentry

Here's what people are saying about the  Course Instructor

The main objective of this bathroom planning course is to deliver helpful and detailed content that's easy to follow.  Bathroom renovation projects have a lot of moving parts and we cover a lot of content in this 2-hour video course.  It's equally as important to us that the instructor is able to effectively communicate the information to our students.  

He really delivers on this course.

I was already familiar with Kendall's teaching style  from the Renos 4 Pros & Joes Youtube channel. He really delivers on this course. He's clear, straight to the point, and the content is all stuff I needed to know to before taking on my bathroom project.

Anna O. Subscriber

I really like the amount of detail that Kendall uses.

Its great for 1st timers that don't have a lot of knowledge. I really like the amount of detail that Kendall uses and his upbeat tone. His tips are great.

Barbara L. - Subscriber

Before this course, I didn't know where to start

I've been wanting to do a master bathroom renovation for a while. Before this course I really didn't know where to start. Kendall shares a lot of really good information in a way that's easy to follow even for a non-construction person. 

Marie W. - Subscriber

- Let's Sum It Up -

Here's the Benefits and Potential

Savings Included in Your Tuition

It's important that you know the exceptional value you'll receive in this program.

One way to measure success on your renovation project is by counting the number of problems and mistakes avoided. Because solving complications once they arise usually comes at a cost. 

The numbers below are a conservative good estimate of minim cost savings and value

Avoiding One Major Clean-up

If you are able to recognize and address oversights related to preparing your home for the renovation that will help you avoid a major clean-up effort.                                                                                                                                                           ($1,500 Value)

Increased Protection For You And Your Family

If you are able to take additional steps to protect yourself  and your family during the renovation.                           

                                                                                                                     ($1,000 Value)

Avoiding Potential Property Damage

If you are able to avoid unintentionally damaging areas in the home that are not part of the project. 

                                                                                                                      ($1,500 Value)

Avoiding A Contractor Oversight

If you are able to notice one oversight by the contractor, in real-time, and have them address it, and avoid any harm to yourself or your property due to the oversight. 

                                                                                                                     ($1,000 Value)

Ability To Make An Informed Judgement Call

If you are able to make an informed judgment call on an important item that could potentially have to be revisited later at a greater inconvenience and cost if you don't address it now.

                                                                                                                     ($2,000 Value)

Effectively Solicit Help From Others

If you are able to effectively communicate a project-specific issue in order to receive well-informed advice or a second opinion from someone that is not part of the project.

                                                                                                                        ($500 Value)

The Ability To Evaluate Job Progress

If you are able to work from your own checklist of project tasks to analyze for yourself how the project is progressing. 

                                                                                                                             ($500 Value)

A Understanding Your Options Upfront

If you are able to save time selecting materials because you've learned the major factors to consider as part of your decision-making process.

                                                                                                                             ($500 Value)

Analyze And Address a Workmanship Issue

If you have an issue with a contractor's work, but catch it before its too late, and are able to analyze the situation and make sound decisions on how to proceed.

                                                                                                                           ($1,500 Value)

Making An Informed Decision On Permitting

If you are able to analyze for yourself whether or not you need a permit for your project, based on understanding the process and its intended purpose. 

                                                                                                                           ($1,000 Value)

Realizing You Are Not Ready Before You Start

If you are able to opt-out or delay the start of your bathroom renovation project because you understand the steps involved in the renovation process and have determined that you presently don't have the time to commit.                                                                                                                                                                 ($1,000 Value)

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You Are So Close to 

Starting Your New Bathroom

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You missed out!

Look at what past students have to say about this course

One of the main goals of this course os to answer as many bathroom renovation questions as possible while keeping your attention and not allowing you to get bogged down with "analysis paralysis." We teach you the fundamentals of the bathroom renovation process while building confidence and moving your project forward so that you can get back to your regular life.  

Jim C.


This course got me up to speed fast

I stay really busy with my career and my family. I have been wanting to start renovating the bathrooms in my house, but hadn't because I really didn't know where to start, or what to expect.

This course gave me a clear understanding of the entire renovation process and I was able to complete the course in one sitting. The information came in very handy.

Julia H.


This guy can teach!

I was kind of skeptical about whether this course could actually cover the steps to a bathroom remodel in 2 hours, but I took a chance.

This guy can teach and the information is easy to follow. I ended up learning more than I was expecting. Be aware you may have to listen through this course more than once because he really covers A LOT of information. 

Peter D.


Thank you, daughter-in-law

I have lived through several bathroom renovations over the years with moderate success.

 I received this course as a gift. I'm so glad that my daughter in law found this course!

I learned finer details about the process that I had never considered. This information is going to make any of my upcoming renovations go a lot smoother.

Frequent Asked Questions

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone that wants to complete a bathroom renovation and needs practical insight on the entire process so that they know what to expect throughout the process so that they can plan accordingly. 

This course can also serve as a lifesaver for owners that have take on bathroom renovation projects and get in over their heads even if the project is already underway. 

Who Is This Course NOT For?

This course is not cover bathroom floor plan redesign and is not a solution for someone looking for help with changing the room layouts. If you need floorpan design assistance contact us at "support@" email for more information. 

How Is This Course Structured?

This course includes 11 modules that cover 3 distinct planning focus areas, as well as troubleshooting insights for common renovation issues, and a renovation process overview for the execution phase( and an additional tool module) to take you from understanding the process to executing your plan. The course is just under 2 hours in length, but the amount of time it takes you to complete will depend on you- listen to lessons as many times as you need.

Is This Course For DIYERS?

This course does not teach you how to perform all of the renovation tasks, However, this course does cover a lot of information that applies to all bathroom renovations regardless of whether you are working with a contractor, or doing it yourself.

This course does cover what the renovation tasks are and the order of operations. It also covers the common tools (with examples) , as well as other planning considerations including how to get yourself and your property ready for the renovation.

So while this course is not designed specifically for DIY, if you have not done a bathroom renovation before, the information covered in this course will save you alot of time and provide you with alot of insight into the process which should help you move forward with more confidence and understanding.

What If I Have Questions About The Course?

You may send any questions pertaining to the course materials to the "support@" email and you will receive a response within 1 business day (however, responses are usually sent the same day if received during normal business hours.)

If you have questions that are specific to your specific or you need additional assistance, please email "support@" for additional service options. 

How Long Is The Course?

This course includes approximately 2 hours of content. The content is split into approximately 90 videos. This is done so that you can quickly access specific aspects of the course very quickly and easily.

Plus we take Also Have Experience Taking online courses too, and there’s nothing like dozing off during a lesson and trying to go back and figure out where you left off. We’ve eliminated the risk because we’ve kept the lessons really short and to the point. 

Additionally, the goal of this course is provide you with actionable information. We don’t want to contribute to your “analysis paralysis.” Take the course, absorb the information, and get your bathroom renovation going.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide costs $297 for a 1-year basic subscription.  If you choose to continue with the course, each successive year can be renewed at only $199. This is not a stagnant “One-&-Done” type of course. We charge by the year because new content is added to the course on an ongoing basis.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

When you sign up for Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide, you immediately gain access to the whole online course much of which is only available to active Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide members. 

Because of the nature of the Product, we can’t provide refunds for Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide.

No partial refunds are given should you terminate a subscription before your renewal date; however you will retain access to Bathroom Renovation Survival Guide until the end of your payment term.

If You've Read This Far,

You Owe It To Yourself

If you've read this far you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if just one strategy in BRSG...

helps you develop a renovation jobsite protocol? What impact will that have on you and your family's safety?

What if just one idea in BRSG...

helps you finally breakthrough and gives you the confidence to start your bathroom renovation? 

What if just one technique in BRSG...

helps you screen and select a qualified contractor that is capable of meeting your work and jobsite standards?

What would those changes realistically be worth to you on this renovation and future projects?

$2000... $4000... $6000...or more?

You have little to lose and so much to gain. Don't miss your chance to finally start enjoying the bathroom you've been dreaming of.

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