Best Safety Gear & Supplies

Your personal safety is of the utmost importance whenever you are working.  But unfortunately in the real world safety often comes somewhere lower than first in the list of priorities.  By taking the time to preplan you can get all the safety supplies that you will need prior to starting the project.  This small step will help make it much easier for you to get into the routine of working safer by using the appropriate PPE. If you’re in a rush I’ve listed some of the best gear below. And if you have more time, continue reading below where I go into more detail including my personal experience with each product, and how they ended up making this list. 


Best Safety Goggles

Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles (click to see on Amazon)

Best Breathing Protection Mask

North Safety Half Mask Respirator (click to see on Amazon)


Best Ear Protection

3M Ear Muff Hearing Protection (click to see on Amazon)


Best Gloves for Work

Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves (click to see on Amazon)


Best Gloves for Liquids

Venom Steel Nitrile Gloves (click to see on Amazon)


Best Heavy Duty Gloves for Harch Chemicals

Heavy Duty PVC Coated Work Gloves (click to see on Amazon)


Best Clothing Protection Coverall

Dupont Tyvek Coverall (click to see on Amazon) – 


Best Steel Toe Boots (Also available in soft toe)

Timberland Pit Boss (click to see on Amazon)



 Safety goggles and glasses are one of the most often needed but underused safety items.  To me, there bar to main factors that make safety glasses and goggles a drag. The first reason is that they are often extremely uncomfortable to wear. Frequently when we realized that we need safety glasses we purchase them as an afterthought.

And in this scenario, we are more likely to just grab whatever is available and cheapest. The second factor that I think contributes heavily to people not wearing safety glasses is that it is very difficult to keep them clean and keep the lenses scratch-free. 

These 3M safety goggles are by far the best safety glasses that I’ve ever owned. They fit very comfortably on my face and they don’t slip because of the strap which is very comfortable by the way. I frequently alternate between contact lenses and glasses.

And one of the major reasons why I selected these goggles is that they are comfortable when I wear glasses and when I wear contacts. These safety goggles have a really sturdy feel to them. And for a few dollars extra you can get the custom carrying case which is an absolute game-changer.

The case is very soft and plush on the inside but has a hard flexible shell on the outside with a nylon finish on it. The case also comes with a carabiner that makes it very convenient for cooking the safety glasses onto things to keep them out of the way.

The lenses on these safety goggles can also be changed out. That’s right these lenses come in different colors for different work scenarios. Changing the lenses is really easy.  


 Recently there are some other goggles that have come to the market that look very similar to these.  Just be aware that these are the originals. I’ve had mine for a while, and when I discovered these goggles the copycats had not yet come out with their version.  Online reviews seem to indicate that the Uvex goggles are still the best and I tend to agree.


The same is true for the case. Hermitshell is the original that all others have tried to copy, but despite the new competition, Hermitshell is still rated the best.  My first gift idea some gifts at different price points in the process of taking it to me we don’t need it anymore all the gifts come straight from on so thing is being delivered by hand, by all


If you’re in the market for some really good goggles these are a no brainer. 


Safety Shoes

Wearing the right shoes while you are working can be the difference between a close call and a trip urgency care or ER. Despite what you may have seen, wearing flip flops while working is not a good idea. Sometimes a sold tennis shoe will get the job done. But when you start getting into moving things that are heavy and using power tools, you really need something more substantial on your feet. The Timberland Pitboss the boot i recommend.


Why do I recommend the Timberland Pitboss

The Pitboss is a very durable and sturdy work boot. It looks good on foot, and it is very well priced for the level of quality that you get. I am actually on my second pair. My first pair lasted me over 5 years with ongoing but periodic hard use. I have been wearing my new pair now for over a year and a half, and I can say that this pair is even better than the last ones.

These are much more comfortable. Both my pairs have been steel toe, but they also come in regular. If you need a safe work shoe, I recommend these because of the quality, price, and durability. Timberland Pro has been making this boot for over 8 years now, which gives me further piece of mind that they take pride in making this shoe and they stand behind it. 


Gloves for Hand Protection

 When we think about working and hand protection the first thing that usually comes to mind is getting stuck with a sharp object like a nail, a piece of glass, a broken tile or a wooden splinter. However,  we also have to be concerned with things that we more casually come into contact with on the job such as chemicals. I think it’s a good practice to wear some type of hand protection anytime you’re dealing with liquids other than water.  I recommend the steel PVC gloves for everyday use. These gloves work awesome for working with chemicals like cleaning agents and also work well for slightly dirty jobs. Example: if you need to replace an existing toilet these are good gloves to wear to protect your hands.  For more involved work scenarios where you may be working with harsher chemicals or in a more rugged environment, I recommend using PVC blue gloves. These gloves are much thicker than the black ones and provide a good basic level of protection.


 Just like with any gloves, you have to be aware of what type of chemicals you are using because certain chemicals will eat through rubber gloves.  This is even true for the blue gloves. If you’re working with chemicals like paint strippers than the blue gloves work fine to appoint. But eventually, the chemical will eat through the PVC gloves. 


 As a general rule, I use the black gloves and the PVC and the blue PVC gloves as disposable. The blue PVC gloves due cost more. However for the type of work that I usually do in these gloves I have no desire to try to clean them save them or use them again afterwards! 


Over the Clothes Protection

 Some tasks make a much bigger mess than others. And in these situations, it may be wise to go with a white weight coverall to minimize the amount of stuff that you get on your clothes.  As someone that frequently does messy projects, I have a whole batch of clothes that are completely designated solely for doing dirty stuff. However, it did take me some time to get to this point.  But even with that said, sometimes I prefer to have an extra layer of protection even over my work clothes. The Tyvek suit does a great job of blocking most of the run-of-the-mill dust and dirt and even paint that you may come into contact with on the site.  Depending on how hard you work you may be able to reuse the jumpsuit. If you are doing something that’s more involved or will take multiple days it’s probably best to pick up several of these because they do wear out with use. These Tyvek suits are an excellent option for someone doing a paint project who does not have close that they don’t mind getting paint all over.


Ear protection

 There are all types of work scenarios where your protection is a good idea.  As a rule of thumb if you’re running or near someone who’s running power tools you probably should have on your protection. Your protection comes in two main varieties:  earplugs and earmuffs.

The highest-rated earplugs do a slightly better job of blocking sound than the highest rated earmuffs. This makes complete sense if you think about it because the ear plugs are going down into your ear canal and physically blocking the sound passageway.  The mobs fit over your ear and block sound at the exterior of your ear. I use both types of ear protection. The other main advantages of using the plugs is that they are disposable and relatively inexpensive. The biggest advantage to using the earmuffs is that you don’t have to put your finger in your ear to insert and remove them because the fit over the ear like headphone. This cuts down on potential get dust and dirt in your ear  which could lead to an ear infection. A potential work around is to sanitize your hands before you put them in and before you take them out.  


 These 3M earmuffs are comfortable on the ear and do a good job of blocking sound.  I have worn these earmuffs with goggles and a respirator and they still fit good and bother me.  Always check the sound rating on your earmuffs and earplugs to determine how good they are at blocking sound. 



 Respirators are another safety tool that are often needed but frequently overlooked.  The purpose of the respirator is to catch contaminants that are in the air and prevent you from breathing them in while you’re in that environment.  When you are looking for a respirator the fit is very important. You want the mask to create an airtight seal/ around your nose and mouth. In order to ensure a proper fit you may have to shave or trim facial hair.   Different types of respirators use different types of filters. The pinkish purple filters are the ones that are most commonly used for work. The filters do not last forever and if you’re going to be using the mask on an ongoing basis it’s advisable that you go ahead and get some replacement filters so that you can change them out at any point once they have worn out