Best Cleaning Supplies

I bet many of you are surprised to find a category dedicated solely to cleaning supplies, huh?

Believe it or not, a big part of remodeling and repair projects is cleaning up during and after the work is complete. With so many cleaning products on the market today, over the years, I had to just try out different products in different cleaning scenarios and make a mental note of what works well.

These are the Top Cleaning Tools

Best Motorized Wet Mop 

Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit (click to see on Amazon)

Most Versatile Wet Mop (You use your own solution!)

Rubbermaid Reveal (click to see on Amazon) –  Versatile wet mop  

Best Dust Pan and Brush

Quicky Dust Pan and Brush Set (click to see on Amazon) – Best dust pan  

Best Cleaning Solution Sprayer

Ryobi Cordless Chemical Sprayer (click to see on Amazon) –  Best tool for applying liquids 

Best Upright Vacuum for All Floor Types

Dyson Animal 2 (click to see on Amazon) – Best Upright vacuum 

Top No-Nonsense Cleaning Supplies that Work

Best Surface Cleaner Before Painting

TSP Trisodium Phosphate (click to see on Amazon) – Best surface cleaner before painting tsp 

TSP Substitute (click to see on Amazon) –   

Best Window Cleaning Solution

Windex Commercial (click to see on Amazon) – Best window cleaner  

Best Heavy-Duty Non-Bleach Cleaner

Zep Heavy-Duty Citrus Cleaner (click to see on Amazon)Best non bleach heavy duty cleaner 

Best Disposable Surface Wipes that are Safe on Hands

Tub O’ Towels (click here to see on Amazon) –  Hand cleaner multi-purpose wipes  

Best Disposable Disinfectant Wipes

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes (click to see on Amazon) – Antibacterial wipes  

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner (click to see on Amazon) – Hardwood floor cleaner 

Best Daily-Use Multi-Surface Cleaner

Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner (click to see on Amazon) – Daily multi-surface cleaner 

Best Stain Remover for Bathtubs and Sinks. 

Barkeepers Friend (click to see on Amazon) – Best Bathtub Stain Remover  


Best Motorized Wet Mop

 We all know that mopping floors can be extremely time-consuming. One of the tasks that we are always trying to get exactly right is knowing how much cleaning solution to put on the floor when I start working. A motorized wet mop can really help with distributing cleaning solution onto the floor and spray form. Spraying the solution onto the floor gives greater control over how much liquid is dispersed and also helps to cut down on time because you don’t have to keep reaching back into a mop bucket to re-wet the mop.


 As a contractor that’s constantly in and out of different properties I’ve come to rely on the Slifer wet jet as my go to motorized wet mop.  There very lightweight and the replenishing balls like pads and solution are readily available at virtually any store. I’ve recently started using the pads that are premoistened because I found that they give me even greater control  when I’m trying to clean a very specific area. However there are a few ways this product could be improved. As I mentioned before I’m always moving my swift or wet jet around. It spent a lot of time in the backseat of my vehicle or in the bed of a pickup truck. With this type of use I have definitely discovered a weak point-  the handle. Even though it doesn’t happen all the time I’ve definitely broken a few slivers, and I always break them at the exact same place which is right at the bottom of the purple handle. If if you end up breaking the mop nine times out of 10 it’s going to break at this exact location. And unfortunately if that happens the only thing connecting the handle to the rest of the mop is the two wires that run to the trigger and the handle. There is no quick and easy workaround to repair the mop. And you basically have to just hold it lower down on the stick which can be offered.



Most Versatile Wet Mop

I have been using the Rubbermaid reveal wet mop now for several years and I have to say that I have been thoroughly impressed. After growing tired of the shortcomings and lack of versatility of the swiffer I began looking online for an alternative. After doing some research I came across this product. It’s awesome. 


I nicknamed this wet mop the “swiffer killer.” The biggest advantage that this model has over the Slifer is that the solution bottle has a screw off top and is designed for you to mix and dispense your own personal batch of cleaning solution! This is literally a game-changer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been cleaning floors with a wet mop and wanted to try and apply a different solution than what comes in the pre-sealed containers. The head on this mop is also wider than the Slifer. And even though I have not broken one yet I feel like the handle and broomstick is a lot more heavy-duty than the one on the Slifer. This model also comes with reusable cloth pads that offer a little more cleaning our than the paper-based pads on the sliver.



 Handheld dust pans and brushes are must-have tools on any home or jobsite. They make quick cleanups really easy. With that said I have tried a lot of different dust pans and brushes. The biggest he do a good hand dustpan lies in the front edge for lip of the pan that serves as a ramp for the trash off Florida and into the dust.. If this area of the dustpan is not designed properly it’s very difficult to sleep small dust and debris into the pan without having to repeat digitally schooled the pan back and keep pushing the debris in order to do it i dustpan and brush is the best one that I’ve seen.  The pan does a really good job of creating a type seal with the floor that does not allow much debris to stay under the edge of the pan when you’re sleeping. With regards to the hand broom the most important factor is the density and texture of the bristles on the brush. You want the bristles to be close enough that they do not allow small trash and debris to pass between them. Secondly you don’t want the bristles to stick to the trash like Velcro. I’ve seen some different brooms handheld and full-size that do a really bad job of this, and once you use the broom once or twice there is a lot of annoying debris that is constantly stuck in the parcels of the room and is not easy to remove.


 The Libman broom and dust pan set is truly awesome. I’ve been using these for years and it’s the only one that I buy. As you can see here my photo below I buy multiple at a time because I’m always moving mine around.  The only shortfall that I found in this broom and brush combination is the durability of the pan. And admittedly that is probably my fault. Over time I always end up cracking the pan because it eventually will find its way underneath some type of tool or equipment in my vehicle and will end up getting cracked. If you’re not as rough on your dust pans as I am then you probably will never have this problem.


Best Tool for Applying Liquids

 I find myself in a lot of different scenarios where I have to clean deep different types surfaces.  One of the most time-consuming aspects of deep cleaning is making sure that you are able to apply an adequate amount cleaning solution evenly on the surface that your cleaning.  The Roy Ovi chemical sprayer is perfect for this job. This battery-powered chemical sprayer comes with a rechargeable battery and a charter. I used the real be chemical sprayer for spraying down walls and ceilings with TSP cleaner. I also use the royalty sprayer to apply chemicals onto large floor areas. In one of my favorite uses for the right you’ll be chemical sprayer is applying Windex commercial window cleaning solution.  In my opinion one of the biggest issues that many people face with cleaning is that they don’t apply enough solution to the surface that they are trying to clean. The second issue is that they usually don’t apply the solution evilly. The real B sprayer eliminates both of these issues and makes chemical spraying a breeze. Believe it or not I’ve even gone as far as to use the radio be sprayer to apply wallpaper removal solution to walls. Saturating the wallpaper with solution actually makes removing old wallpaper much easier. M literally have not seen another tool that works better for faster. M




 For decades I have literally hobbled along with a sub par vacuum cleaner for my house.  I’ve used everything from canister vacuums to upright vacuums to stick vacuums. And generally speaking they have all performed rather poorly.  For the most part I never saw a huge difference in the way that one cheap vacuum performed versus a mid-level priced vacuum. However all that changed when I had the opportunity to use the Dyson upright vacuum.  I recently had the opportunity to demo the Dyson Ball multi-floor to vacuum at my house for a couple of weeks. I literally became a believer within the first 5 minutes of using this vacuum. It literally has more suction power than any other home vacuum that I’ve ever used.  It literally pulled so much dust and loose carpet fiber out of marble rugs and carpet that I was embarrassed that there was actually that much un-vacuumed material on my floors. Then I started thinking to myself “ well if this is a vacuum cleaner than what have I been doing this whole time up until this point when I thought I was vacuuming?”  Dyson has a few variations of vacuum cleaners and they actually have one that is even more powerful than this one which is specifically designed for people with animals. The price point on these vacuums is high, but once you use one you will immediately notice the major difference in performance between this vacuum and anything else that you’ve used.




Cleaning Surfaces Before Painting

No matter what type of space you are working in, when the time comes to do interior painting, it’s important that ceilings and woodwork, like door trim, baseboards, and crown molding are all clean and ready for paint. For years, i have exclusively used TSP as an interior cleaner for surfaces that are about to be painted. TSP comes in a powder form that is similar to dish detergent, and you measure and mix it with the required amount of water and then you can apply with a bottle sprayer or a cloth. This product removes years of oil, grease, and dust buildup that most cleaners would not even begin to be able to remove. Despite its excellent cleaning abilities, it actually has very minimal odor. Recently I have begun using a new product called TSP Substitute. Admittedly, not the most creative name, but it works awesome. This product is made by the same company as regular TSP. The major difference is that the TSP substitute is in liquid form! This makes mixing it a breeze. It also makes storing a breeze. The original TSP is sold in a cardboard box, which as you see, does not hold up well to moisture.


Cleaning Windows, Mirrors, and Interior Surfaces

Windows are hands down one of the most annoying things to try and clean. I frequently seams like no matter how many times you wipe, you can take 5 steps back and see streaks. This comes with the territory. I have tried various window cleaning solutions and I have yet to find one that works any better than Windex Commercial. And get this, its actually a multi-purpose cleaner aswell.  It can actually be used to clean most surfaces around the house like countertops, cabinets, stainless steel, plastics, and tile. This one is a no-brainer!


Clean Surfaces and Hands at the Same Time

I discovered tub o Towels wipes just a few years ago and now I swear by them. As a contractor, Im always cleaning something or wiping something down during and after projects. These towels come out of the tub pre-moistened and ready to work. I enjoy using these to wipe down cabinets and countertops, as well as clean up small spills like paint drips. They also work well fore removing sticky stuff like masking tape adhesive residue.  Now for the major bonus: these towels are also good on hands! I literally keep a tub of these in my car at all times. As someone that is frequently on the move, bouncing around from different stores, warehouses, home, outdoors, etc I gives me added peace of mind to know that I can clean and dissenfect my hands before I move on to the next stop. These towels are ideal for people that work with their hands, because sometimes liquid hand sanitizer alone just is not enough to get the job done.

Disenfectant Wipes

While we are on the topic of wipes, I have to mention Lysol Wipes. Lysol products are known for killing germs and bacteria. Thier wipes offer those same claims. These wipes work well at home for kitchen and bath cleanup. They can really save you time because they limit the need for a cloth towel and spray cleaner. Added Tip: I just found out that Lysol wipes will remove dry erase board build up and residue with ease. These wipes actually work better than white board cleaner!


Bleach-Free Heavy Duty Cleaner

I have been using Zep Citrus Cleaner for years as a bleach alternative. I used if for cleaning everything from home exteriors, to stove range hoods with years of grease build-up, to severely stained boat seats.  Don’t let the citrus smell fool you, this stuff really works. Like most cleaning products I  advise wearing gloves when using this product, as it can be a little rough on hands.


Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Now truth be told, I just recently started using this product. I like the way it cleans because it doesnt leave a film on the surface of the hardwood floors. This is a cleaner for people that keep their hardwood floors clean. In case you didn know, not everyine that lives in a home with hardwoods, knows or cares to learn how to take care of them. This is not a product for people that let mud be tracked on to their floors. This product is for the folks that maintain their floors and for the most usually just need light duty floor cleaning and dusting. If you have dried mud on your hardwoods, or dried cereal and water spots from unattended spills, you mmay just need to reach for the mop bucket and get to work.