Best Painting Tools and Supplies

Whether you’re planning to paint a single room, a whole house,  or start a painting business there are certain tools and supplies that you will need no matter what. If you are in a rush, here are a list of all the top products. And if you want to know more about each one, then keep reading below where I share additional information including my personal experience

Titan 440 Impact Airless Sprayer (click to see it on Amazon) –  

Graco Magnum X5 (click to see it on Amazon)

HomeRight Handheld Paint Sprayer (click to see it on Amazon)

Wooster Paint Kit (click to see it on Amazon)


3M Hand-Masker Dispenser (click to see it on Amazon) – 

3M Hand-Masker Film Blade (click to see it on Amazon)

3M 48″ Masking Film (click to see it on Amazon)

3M 72″ Masking Film (click to see it on Amazon)

3M 99″ Masking Film (click to see it on Amazon)


Wide Boy Large Roller Paint Tray (click to see it on Amazon)

Wooster 18-Inch Roller Frame (click to see it on Amazon)

Graco TC Pro Handheld Paint Sprayer (click to see on Amazon) – 

Graco Pressure Roller Kit (click to see on Amazon) – 

TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner Before Painting (click to see it on Amazon) – 

Venom Steel Nitrile Gloves (click to see on Amazon) – 

Tyvek Clothing Coverall (click to see on Amazon) – 

Allegro Industries Paint Spray Sock (click to see on Amazon) – 



Spraying vs Brushing and Rolling.

Brushing is the oldest painting technique. Rolling gives a smoother finish than a brush, and does not leave brush strokes in the finish. Applying paint with an airless sprayer creates a fnish that is even smoother that the roller. 


Airless Sprayers and Trim Painting. An airless sprayer excels when it comes to painting non-flat surfaces. It can literally perform the task in a fraction of the amount of time that it will take to paint with a brush. This is true for doors, baseboards, windows, siding and more. The airless sprayer will also outperform a paint roller when it comes to painting ceilings. Proper precautions should be taken if you are planning to use an airless sprayer inside of an occupied space. Preparing the space that you plan to paint is more involved when painting with an airless sprayer because you have to physically cover and block the paint from going anywhere you dont want it to go. The sprayer turns the paint into very small particulates that basically become airborne. Paint that misses the desired location is called overspray. This is a normal occurance, and this is why you have to plan and cover. If you are planning to paint and entire space, including celings,walls, and trim, and you are planning to refinish or replace the flooring, then you dont have to do nearly as much prep work on the front end. 


Most painters use a roller to paint walls because it is very difficult to get an even wall finish with a sprayer. 


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Painting Starter Kit

Rather than trying to hunt down a long list of items that you will need to get started, Wooster this Wooster Paint Kit is a one stop shop. Wooster makes good quality paint brushes and is a recognized and respected name in the paint industry. This kit comes with virtually everything that you will need except the paint and drop cloths. The kit includes, 3 brushes, 2 roller frames, 6 roller covers, a paint tray, paint tray liners, a trim pail, trim pail liners. There are 2 different versions of this kit. The pro version comes with a paint roller extension pole, and upgraded brushes, roller frames, and roller covers. Generally speaking, nicer brushes and rollers drop less bristles and fuz and make it easier to produce a nice clean paint job. 


If you are in the market to buy an actual paint sprayer, the titan 440i is one to consider. I’ve absolutely love mine. It is an excellent value for the price, and is an absolute workhorse. Titan has been making this sprayer for years, and they are well known within the paint industry. This is a sprayer that is used by many paint contractors, both small and large. You can paint interior and exterior paints, and stains, at a very reasonable price point and you dont have to compromise on quality or function. This Titan sprayer is easy to use and maintain, and parts are reasily available online. 


Even if you are a homeowner and arent planning to start a paint business, a paint sprayer could still be a good investment if you are a serious DIYer. Look a the daily rate to rent an airless sprayer and estimate how many days you will need it for your planned projects. If you have to rent for multiple days you can quicky get close to the cost of buying the sprayer pretty quickly. In my neck of the woods an airless sprayer of this size costs around $100 per day to rent. 


Pressure roller




Airless sprayer tips and guard

A good airless sprayer Tip is essential to a good paint spray finish. I prefer the Graco Tips Rac-X Sprayer Tips for most of my interior projects. I do still use the standard tips for ceilings.  

Paint sprayer tips wear out over time with use and have to be replaced. They can also be damaged from misuse and failure to properly clean them. WIth that said, even if you are renting a sprayer, in most instances it will be worth your while to provide your own sprayer tips. I’ve gone through the experience of renting a paint sprayer that came with a bad tip, or the wrong tip and its a huge momentum drain if you have to stop painting to dry and address this. And usually, tool rentals are very limited on the types of tips they provide. Frequently they only rent them with one size tip, and even if it just happens to be the size you need, it may still be a crap shoot as to weather the tip is still any good.


Airless sprayer gun


Handheld paint sprayer

The graco handheld is an awesome paint sprayer tool for small jobs. You can get a reall high quality even finish with very short setup time and cleanup time. The biggest gripe about using a paint sprayer is the amount of time that it takes to clean it out once you are done using it. This system literally takes a fraction of the time to cleanout and it has no hoses. This an awesome tool for handymen, or diyers that take one frequent paint projects. 


Hand masker

 This is the one paint tool that I can’t live without. I have actually have two of these. It literally makes trim work so much easier. There is no other tool that allows you to cover any specific surface will you paint the one next too it. You can paint walls without getting paint on the baseboards and trim, You can paint the ceiling without getting paint on the walls, and you can paint walls without getting paint on the trim. This tools is actually used by professional painters and tradespeople. If you are a paint project bigger than a bathroom, this tool will literally pay for itself with the amount of preparation time you will save as well as the ease of  use.  


Paint pole

If you are going to be rolling walls you are either going to need a ladder or a paint pole, and in some instances both. The paint pole not only allows you to reach higher up on the wall with the roller, but it actually allows you to cover more area while standing straight. This means that you wont have to bend over as much to get the lower portions of the wall, or stand on your toes to reach the top of the wall. This will help you to work much faster and minimizes fatigue. 


Tyvek suit


 I’ve been painting for  a pretty long time. And one of the things that I learned early on is that it is a good idea to have some clothes that are dedicated for painting.  This planning step will prevent you from having to mess up or risk messing up close that you actually care about. If you’re just starting out in learning to paint then it’s completely understandable if you don’t have a designated paint outfit. In this Tyvek suit is an excellent option to preserve your real cloths. 




Painting can be kind of messy at times and if you dont like the idea of having paint on your fingers and nails, then these black venom gloves are an awesom option. I literally use these gloves all the time anytime I am working on or with something that I dont want to get on my hands. Paint can be really hard remove from your hands, nail cuticles, and from under your nails. These gloves provide excellent protection and they are reasonably priced. So when you stop working or take an extended break you can just toss them and grab a fresh pair when you come back 



This the go-to product for cleaning paint surfaces. Whether you need to wipe down walls, cabinets, or trim baseboards and doors this product was made for the job. The orginal formula comes in the granular form and looks a lot like washing machine powder, before you mix it with water. The company that makes TSP has recently come out with a new product liquid version of the same product and aptly named it TSP Substitute. I have used both products and they both work great. I have have to give the edge to the liquid because you can pour it and mix it with water so much easier. Plus the fact that it comes in a plastic bottle which makes it easier to store for longer periods than the cardboard box packaging of the standard TSP.