Master Bath Remodel: Before & After


Let me start by saying OMG!

The bathroom was in absolutely terrible condition. And just like most bathroom remodels like this one, we discovered once we go further into the project that it was actually worse than it looks.


The tiles floors were in awful shape. I could feel that some of the floor tiles were actually loose and moving around under my feet. And take a look at how many floor tiles are missing! The before photos were taken before ANY demo had begun.

 The wall tile around the bathtub also in poor condition and was extremely dirty. If you look closely at the tiled area near the shower faucet handles you can see that someone patched the area with corrugated plastic. The exact same material that yard signs are made off. As a matter of fact, that’s probably exactly what it was. “Please vote for Mr./Mrs. XYZ  for City Council.” Behind the yard sign there was a gaping hole in the wall where 7 or 8 tiles were completely missing.

Now I’m all for making repairs where needed, but this “handywork” missed the mark. The couple of pieces of duct tape appeared to be there mainly to hold the councilman’s sign in place.

Any water that was prevented from going in the wall was just by chance, as this was far from being a water-tight repair.

This bathroom remodel was also the first time I can recall coming across a repaired toilet seat. Actually, the toilet seats in both bathrooms in this house had been repaired.  

Now about that hole that was right in front of the tub. That is most likely the result of years and years of water getting under the tile. The subfloor was rotten and damaged by ongoing water exposure, and as a result of the tile also failed.

The wallpaper was definitely in better shape than anything else in the entire bathroom.  

As stated above, prior to us beginning the remodel, this was the only full bathroom in the house and it was accessible from the hallway and the master bedroom. We eliminated the hall entrance (next to bathtub) which effectively made it a master bathroom.

Everything was completely new in this space (except the ceiling).

After demo, we started the “put back” with a new subfloor, then installed a new cast iron tub. This is my first time installing a cast iron tub; normally, we are throwing them out.

They are super heavy (3-man job minimum) and very difficult to work with, especially when you have to maneuver carefully to put in place, rather just throwing it out as part of demo.

Next, we installed porcelain tile at the floors and tub surround, which we ran to the ceiling. We used carrera marble mosaic tile as an accent on the tub surround, and built in a shower niche as a primary location for shower essentials.

We installed brown shaker vanity cabinet with granite countertops, and decided go with chrome fixtures tub/shower valve and vanity faucet.

Then, we installed a large framed mirror and a new 5 light vanity fixture to really illuminate the space. Finally, we installed a new door and baseboards and painted the ceilings walls and trim.