I don’t just fix them, I sell them too! I am a licensed real estate agent and general contractor in Atlanta, Georgia. Read my “funny and action-packed” story below to get a better feel for who I am. And if you need real estate services in Atlanta Georgia, Contact Me Today!


They call me MacGyver…

Last summer my wife and I got stuck on the balcony of a cabin in the middle of the woods. The steps that i took to get off this balcony “and get unstranded”  is a practical demonstration of a few of my skill sets that come in handy when I represent sellers and buyers.

You really should read the story as it’s pretty good. But in case you don’t make it to the end of the story below, let me list some of my skills exemplified in the story:


  • Effective problem solver, that
  • Stays calm under pressure while
  • Evaluating, analyzing, and successfully executing a plan in order to
  • Achieve a desired result.

My goal is to provide my clients with the resources necessary for them to make informed decisions.

I’m here to help guide and advocate for you and provide honest and candid feedback throughout your real estate transaction. No matter where your real estate transaction falls along the spectrum of difficulty, I will bring the same tenacity, honesty, and attention to detail necessary to help you achieve your real estate goals.

AND NOW the story…

My wife and I were on a weekend getaway in the country, just  a few hours outside of the city. We had literally just returned to our accommodations from a morning workout.

As soon as we got back inside I walked through the house, out of the kitchen and onto the second story balcony at the rear of the home. My wife exited right behind me and closed the door. Click! Now for the purposes of this story, we won’t get into placing blame or assigning fault.

More about that “Click!” … that was the sound of the lock on the door. This particular door was our only way to get off the balcony, as there were no stairs, and, of course,  our cell phones were inside.

After initially shouting for assistance, we (I) quickly realized that we were too far away from the next closest property for anyone to hear us. I also realized that the sun was rising in the sky and the trees that were previously providing shade were now no longer blocking the sun and it was getting hot fast!

I should also say that had I been 10 years younger, I would have been more willing to try to jump off the balcony, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around making the 15-foot jump (maybe if the house was on fire).

SO,  I surveyed the area and there was nothing on the balcony that would be of use to help us try to pick 

the lock or get off the balcony. I didn’t think a rocking chair cushion was going to effectively break a 15-foot fall, so I resorted to looking at what we had. On the ground 15 feet below,  there was a water hose that was neatly wound up and being stored in a hose storage box.

The hose still was connected to a trigger sprayer nozzle attachment. The sprayer was laying on the top of the water hose storage container right next to the water spicket.

After gathering my thoughts for a moment, I suddenly had a plan! I took my workout shorts, my shirt, along with my wife’s warmup shirt and my shoe strings from both shoes and securely tied them all together end-to-end.

Quickly, I made a sturdy loop at the end of the second shoestring that was at the bottom of my “makeshift rope-thing”. I lowered my device down to the hose storage container and carefully fished the loop over the trigger handle of the sprayer.

Once I had the shoestring firmly set around the sprayer handle, I began to slowly pull the sprayer up. As the sprayer rose, the hose began to slowly unwind from the storage box. Once the handle was within reach I fished my hand under the handrail on the balcony, grabbed the sprayer nozzle and pulled the water hose all the way up.

I then looped the hose around the base of a corner post on the balcony and I fed the hose back down to the ground. I disassembled my “makeshift rope-thingy” and redistributed clothing to their respective owners.

This home is located in the Princeton Lakes Subdivision

Then I hopped over the balcony guardrail and grabbed the water hose that I had now doubled over, and I used it to repel down the side of the balcony to the ground and walked to get help.

This is just one example of my ability to:

  • stay calm under pressure while
  • evaluating, analyzing, and successfully executing a plan to
  • solve a problem, and
  • achieve a desired result.

Contact me today, let’s get the ball rolling!

Also, I was born & raised in Atlanta. I finished elementary, middle, high, college (business school), and law school. I’m a GA licensed general contractor, and real estate agent. I’m happily married and I love the beach. The end.

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