I’m standing here in a living room wearing goggles and a dust mask. There is literally a sea of “used-up” sanding pads on the floor around me. You see for the past few days I’ve been camped out in a living room doing nothing but sanding. I recently took on a sizable project that includes

I’m right in the middle of an extensive living room remodel. The home has 60-year old exposed beams. The beams are stained too dark and too red. I’m lightening the stain color, which will require sanding the beams. The ceilings in the room are wood panels and are stained the same color as the beams.

I’m standing here the middle of a pretty extensive interior painting project. We are painting ceilings, walls, and trim. I will be using a different color and sheen of paint on each surface. Painting can be a pretty involved process, and this project is no exception. If you have done any paint projects before then

I recently completed a list of maintenance and repair tasks for a residential client. As I finished up her tasks and was packing up and cleaning up the work area, she stopped me to tell me about some of the additional repairs that she wanted to have done at her home and at her office.

  I’m on my way to a handyman service call in Atlanta. The property owner was specifically looking for a “plumbing handyman near me.” After gathering some additional information from the homeowner, I learned that he lived in a house built in the 1950’s with cast iron drain pipes. The waste lines in the home

AKA: The Fastest Way to Cut Cast Iron Pipe   Today I completed a comparison between cutting 4-inch cast iron pipe with a reciprocating saw and an angle grinder to see which one was the best and the fastest. As a contractor and plumbing handyman in Atlanta, I do get requests for cast iron drain

When repairing a cast iron drain pipe, we have to locate and cut out the damaged cast iron pipe and replace it with new drain pipe. I’m standing here in the unfinished basement of a 65-year-old ranch style home, and I’m about to repair the cast iron waste line by replacing several sections of rotten

I’m standing here in my bathroom looking at my leaky tub and shower faucet. Every time I try to take a shower and I turn the shower diverter valve to the “on” position I still get a lot of water flowing out of the tub faucet. And on top of that, the limited amount of

Read This Before Selecting a Bath Fan Installer Whether you’re adding a new bathroom, or remodeling or updating an existing one, a bathroom exhaust fan is an important and often necessary feature. It’s easy to get totally absorbed with shopping for tile, bathtubs, and plumbing fixtures and end up leaving the bathroom exhaust fan as